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The Ojos del Salado volcano is the highest summit across Chile and the second summit in America, and it is also the tallest active volcano in the world. That's why this is one of the most desired challenges among mountaineers around the world. Ojos del Salado is almost as tall as Mt. Aconcagua which surpasses it by 60mts. The volcano is located in the borderline between Chile and Argentina, in the Chilean Atacama region, on of the most active mining regions in the country. Inside the National Park Nevado de Tres Cruces we can spot the Negro Francisco Lake and the Maricunga salt-flat which serves as refuge to three flamingo species. The closest city is Copiapó, where we can find everything we need to start our climbing upwards Ojos del Salado.

  • Climb 3 mountains: 7 brothers (4900 m), Barrancas Blancas  (6119 m) and  Eyes of the Salado (6893  m)

  • We will use Laguna Verde to camp and enjoy the naturale hotspring and relax

  • Enjoy a incredibles landscape like Laguna Verde, Laguna Santa Rosa and Maricunga salt flat

  • Have the opportunity to admire the wildlife of the desert such as foxes, flamingos, llamas

  • Fight with an extreme desert environments with very low temperatures

  • Cross a huge distance of the desert, thanks to the support of our 4 × 4 truck

  • We will save a lot of energy because we just carry one day our gear to the high camp




  • Program length: 9 to14 days

  • Altitude: 6893 m / 22615 ft

  • Location: Copiapó, Chile

  • Slope: 2500m / 8200 ft from Laguna Verde

  • Season: November to March

  • Difficulty: This is not a technical track, but it is physically challenging

  • First ascent: 1937 by Justin Wojsznis and Jan Szczepanski (PL)

  • Open Expedition Team size: max 4 climbers per vehicle



Values in  Chilean pesos based on 12 days.

1 Pax

2 Pax

3 Pax

4 Pax

$ 3,850,000 CLP

$ 2,065,000 CLP

$ 1,500,000 CLP

$ 1,200,000 CLP

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Ojos del Salado

Ojos del Salado

Ojos del Salado
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