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We are a company dedicated to show you the beauty of this region in Chile.

We have vocational service to give you the best experience on your visit. We have practical and technical knowledge that allows us to respond to all your doubts and suggestions.

We invite you to have an experience with our services that you will not forget.


Copiapó, the Capital of the 6,000.

The center of our operation is the city of Copiapó, located in the Atacama Region, Chile.

Copiapó is the capital of the 6,000, the city which possesses 15 mountains with an altitude of 6,000 meters above sea level (19,685 ft), the most important being the Volcano Ojos del Salado, the Copiapó Volcano and the Nevado Tres Cruces.

The dazzling coastline with beaches and beautiful coastal scenery such as Bahía Inglesa, Playa La Virgen, Pan de Azúcar National Park and many more will surely amaze you.

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