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The Ojos del Salado Volcano is the highest mountain in Chile and also the highest active volcano in the world, being the second highest summit in America, from there it follows that it is one of the most desired challenges by mountaineers from all over the world, It is almost as high as Mount Aconcagua, which exceeds it by a little more than 60 meters. It is located on the border that divides Chile from Argentina in the III Region of Atacama, in one of the regions with the highest mining activity in the country. Within the Nevado de Tres Cruces National Park it is possible to find the Laguna del Negro Francisco and the Maricunga salt flat which serves as a refuge for three species of Flamingos, the closest city is Copiapó where it is possible to find all the necessary amenities to start the climb to the Eyes of the salty.

  • We will climb 3 mountains of the desert: 7 brothers, Barrancas Blancas and Ojos del Salado

  • We will camp in the natural hot springs of Laguna Verde, where we will take the opportunity to relax

  • We will enjoy spectacular views in Lagunas Verde, Laguna Santa Rosa, Salar de Maricunga, etc.

  • We will be able to admire the wild life of the desert such as foxes, flamingos, vicuñas and other animals

  • We will fight against a very hostile desert environment with temperatures below -20ºC

  • We will travel great distances in the desert, thanks to the support of our 4 × 4 vehicles

  • We will save a lot of energy since equipment is only carried to the Tejos camp.


  • Duration: 9 to 14 days

  • Altitude: 6893 masl

  • Location: Copiapó, Chile

  • Elevation gain: 2500 m from Laguna Verde

  • Recommended time: November to March

  • Difficulty: It is not a technical route, but it is physically demanding

  • First Ascent: 1937 by Justin Wojsznis and Jan Szczepanski (PL)

  • Expedition size: max. 4 people per vehicle.



Values in Chilean pesos based on 12 days

1 Pax

2 Pax

3 Pax

4 Pax

$ 3,850,000 CLP

$ 2,065,000 CLP

$ 1,500,000 CLP

$ 1,200,000 CLP

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Ojos del Salado

Ojos del Salado

Ojos del Salado
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Ojos del Salado

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